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Student athletes face drug offenses

If a person from Nebraska has experienced a criminal arrest, they can understandably be nervous about the eventual outcome of the incident. If an arrest takes place in another state, there can be even more concerns as some laws may be different from those in Nebraska. Two college football players from the University of Nebraska have been in this type of situation for the past few months.

What prescription drugs are most addictive?

If you are like most people in Nebraska, you have been given at least one prescription for a medication by a doctor at some point. However, did you know that many such drugs can be highly addictive? While not everyone who takes a prescription medication develops an addiction to it, those that do may be at risk not only of certain health hazards but also for being accused of criminal activity. The National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that as many as one in five Americans have taken prescription medications for purposes other than their intended uses.

Man remains in jail, forensic testing continues

News stories recounting criminal raids or arrests can certainly paint a bleak picture for defendants in Nebraska. However, is is important for people facing these charges to remember that the media is all about trying to get ratings and views so they produce content that may entice this result. That means some stories do not include all of the facts known in a case as that might change the perception of the reader to be less enticing.

Good Time Law may see man's time in prison reduced

Nebraska residents who find themselves facing criminal charges including illegal drugs or controlled substances no doubt end up with many questions about how the judicial and criminal justice system actually works. Many reports give details about how plea bargains may adjust a final charge or set of penalties and how defendants may often be allowed to get out of prison or jail before their full sentences have been served. How these things happen are among the items that newly arrested defendants will want to learn.

Judge admits mistake during trial

Nebraska residents who are charged with criminal offenses and who must go through trials should be able to trust that they will be treated fairly and all procedures will be properly followed. This should be part and parcel of knowing that a person is always due a fair defense and assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Conspiracy and drug possession charges levied

Nebraska residents who are arrested and charged with serious drug offenses often find the experience confusing and even scary even if they have been arrested before. The process can seem to come out of nowhere and people have good reason to wonder what will happen to them and how or if they will be able to get a proper defense. Today, there are many defendants who may be wondering just these types of things.

A felony drug charge overview

If you or someone you know faces criminal charges in Nebraska related to a drug crime, you will want to understand how the law identifies the exact type of charge. Some offenses may be misdemeanors and others may be felonies. Even within the realm of felonies there are different levels or classes of charges. Each of these classes has its own set of associated penalties if convicted. Just how are these identified?

Three arrested on weapons, drug and child neglect charges

Nebraska residents who are arrested and charged with criminal offenses may find it hard to trust in the judicial system but it is important for them to realize that an arrest does not guarantee a conviction. There are three people who were recently arrested on a variety of charges in Saunders County that need to be remembering that today.

State legislature may change sentencing for some drug crimes

People who are arrested for and charged with felony drug crimes in Nebraska will understandably need and want to know about the potential consequences they may face if they are ultimately convicted. For some crimes, the state's laws outline specific minimum or even maximum jail sentences. A bill was put forth in the state legislature that seeks to change some sentences for select drug crimes. 

Do drug diversion programs work?

Have you been arrested for a drug crime in Nebraska? Maybe you have a close friend or family member who is facing criminal charges related to a drug arrest. Either way, you will want to learn about the state's drug diversion program. There are many reasons that states like Nebraska have established these programs and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) indicates these programs offer many benefits to participants, court systems and the public alike.

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Success Stories

  • Defendant was charged with sexual assault of a minor. At the deposition of the alleged victim, our firm got the alleged victim to confess that she made the whole thing up. Charges were dropped against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with possessing a large quantity of marijuana. Following a complete investigation by our firm, the State agreed to dismiss all charges against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with embezzling more than $300,000.00, from a previous employer. At the deposition of the alleged victim, our firm highlighted a number of inconsistencies and questionable statements. The State agreed to dismiss all charges against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with child abuse resulting in death. Following the investigation of our firm, depositions of key witnesses and presentation of our findings to the prosecutor, the State agreed to dismiss the charges against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. The matter proceeded to trial and the jury found our client Not Guilty.

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