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Nebraska Drug Distribution Defense Lawyer

Defending Your Rights When You Have Been Pulled Over And Searched For Drugs

I-80 runs from coast to coast and straight through Nebraska. Drug enforcement officials have targeted this interstate highway as a common drug trafficking route. If you have been pulled over, arrested or charged with distribution or possession with intent to sell, you need an Omaha drug distribution defense attorney right away.

At McGoughLaw P.C. L.L.O., we will aggressively fight to protect you and we have extensive experience in achieving favorable outcomes and dismissals for our clients across the state. We know the seriousness of the charges against you and we want to prevent your life from being ruined by them. We are aggressive trial lawyers who are not afraid to take your case to court. We only recommend accepting a plea deal if it is genuinely in your best interests.

I-80 is well-known for being an area where drug stops are made. Frequently, state patrol officers target cars with out-of-state license plates. They pull people over for small traffic infractions and then start asking questions about transporting drugs. If they ask for permission to search your vehicle, you do not have to say yes. Officers are trained to work around resistance and you may be arrested for saying no, but if you refuse and the officer searches your vehicle anyway, we may be able to suppress any evidence found if a "no" is on record.

Nebraska Illegal Drug Distribution Attorney

We start preparing your case for trial as soon as you retain us. We take a team approach to your case, getting input from all team members and keeping everyone informed of progress. This gives us a more rounded view of how your case may be viewed by a jury pool and by the legal establishment. It also means that when you call with a question or concern, it is answered quickly instead of having to wait for a call from your lawyer.

The war on drugs makes drug distribution or trafficking a very serious offense. If you are from out of state, you may be charged at the federal level for moving drugs across state lines. You cannot afford to allow your rights to be violated. We review all evidence in your case and look for possible police misconduct or mistakes. We look for every possible defense in your case and we fight to protect your future.

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