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Internet Sex Crimes

Sex crimes involving the Internet are prosecuted aggressively throughout the United States. Because the Internet is global and touches servers all over the country, many of these crimes are prosecuted in federal courts, carrying severe consequences like prison time and substantial fines.

At McGoughLaw P.C. L.L.O., our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience defending clients charged with serious sex crimes in state and federal courts. We are familiar with the aggressive strategies prosecutors use to pursue computer crime convictions. We can anticipate the tactical maneuvers they will make, and we will use this knowledge to build a strong defense on your behalf. Whether you are under investigation or have already been charged, our law firm will fight to protect your rights and freedom.

We have successfully defended clients against allegations involving:

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Protect Your Computer From Search And Seizure

If you or a loved one has been accused of an Internet sex crime, your computer may be very important evidence for the prosecution. Computers have hundreds of ways to record activities on the Internet. Law enforcement can reconstruct your movements and activities on the Internet to see the files you have downloaded, images you have created, emails you have sent and websites you have visited.

Do not help law enforcement build a criminal case against you. You may be innocent, but it is still essential to protect your rights. We can help. If law enforcement officials are investigating you or searching your computer, it is important to seek legal advice right away.

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Given the scope of Internet sex crime prosecution, we represent clients in all state and federal courts in Nebraska, including people living in other states. Often, we can minimize your travel obligations so you can stay in your home state during much of your case.

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