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What is Assault in Nebraska?

What is Assault in Nebraska?

What does criminal assault mean to you? Are you sure that your definition of what can be deemed assault under Nebraska law is accurate? The reality is that many things can be considered as assault and there are actually multiple grades of criminal charges that can result when assault is alleged. Each grade of charge carries with it a different set of penalties. This makes it important for people in Nebraska to have a good understanding of these charges in case they are even accused of assault.

According to the Nebraska Legislature, some assault charges may be misdemeanors but others are treated as felonies. The most serious form of assault is assault in the first degree. This is a Class II felony in Nebraska. In order for a case to be charged as first-degree assault, the harm allegedly experienced by a person must be serious in nature. A few bruises or a bloody nose, for example, may not necessarily qualify for this delineation. If harm results out of recklessness or with the use of an object, a person may be charged with second-degree assault. This is a Class IIA felony.

The least serious form of assault charge in Nebraska is a third-degree charge. The harm that results is not considered to be serious in nature and therefore, this is treated as a misdemeanor. These charges may be either Class I or Class II misdemeanors depending upon other factors.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is meant to give people an overview of the different types of assault charges and classifications in Nebraska.


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