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How Can You Fight Your DUI Felony Charge?

How Can You Fight Your DUI Felony Charge?

Nebraska residents who find themselves facing DUI charges of any sort may feel like they need legal assistance to get through the case. Those who are facing felony DUI charges, on the other hand, will almost certainly benefit from having legal aid. McGloughLaw P.C., L.L.O., is here to help you through these trying times by staunchly defending your rights.

First of all, is your charge actually accurate? As an example, breathalyzer and other breath analysis tests are not fool-proof. Though the science behind them makes them more accurate than field sobriety tests, there can still be issues with the equipment. Calibration logs can be requested in court, which will show the accuracy of the machine you were asked to use. Maintenance can also be checked. Breath analysis machines do need to be serviced regularly to perform correctly, and incorrect maintenance can impact the reading.

Even in scenarios where a charge cannot be repealed entirely, it is still possible to get it reduced. Breathalyzer tests done in the past can be reexamined as well, which can lead to a reduction in your charges if the one you currently face is not your first.

After being charged with a felony DUI, you could face a number of harsh penalties like losing your license or jail time. To avoid that, it may benefit you to go into your case armed with information and knowledge. A good starting point is our web page on DUI related felonies, linked above. From there, you can continue your research and arrive truly prepared.


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