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What prescription drugs are most addictive?

If you are like most people in Nebraska, you have been given at least one prescription for a medication by a doctor at some point. However, did you know that many such drugs can be highly addictive? While not everyone who takes a prescription medication develops an addiction to it, those that do may be at risk not only of certain health hazards but also for being accused of criminal activity. The National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that as many as one in five Americans have taken prescription medications for purposes other than their intended uses.

Stimulants, depressants and opioid pain medications are among the most addictive drugs prescribed today according to WebMD. Some of these drugs actually cause the brain to change how it is structured and therefore how it works.

Officer resigns and pleads guilty to drunk driving

Nebraska residents have good reason to be concerned about the severity of the penalties associated with a drunk driving arrest and conviction. The state has very strict laws but at the same time it also allows every person the right to defend themselves. Plea agreements may also result in people receiving sentences lesser than they may have otherwise which could give them the chance to get back on track.

One man who has been a police officer in Lincoln knows this very well after his recent arrest for drunk driving. He is currently working in a part-time capacity for the Lincoln Police Department in the dispatch department as he resigned his position as an officer a couple of weeks after he was arrested and charged. Before and instead of his scheduled court appearance, the man pled guilty to a charge of driving under the influence with a blod alcohol content greater than 0.15 percent.

How to stop an investigation in its tracks

You and your buddy had stopped into the local convenience store to buy a six pack of beer and various junk foods. You hung around for awhile and then decided to visit your favorite bar and throw back some shots. While there, a friend with a police scanner texted you saying a woman had been assaulted in the convenience store parking lot.

You were horrified, of course, but you continued on with your game of pool until it closing time and then went home. You were in bed until late into the next afternoon.

Age of alleged victim contributes to dropped charges

After being arrested and charged with virtually any crime, it can be understandable for a Nebraska resident to feel very worried and wonder whether or not they will be able to be treated fairly during the defense process. When a charge involves a sex crime and a minor, the worries are certainly understandable. However, the criminal justice system is set up to ensure that defendants have the ability to make sure their rights are protected at every step of the way.

In 2016, a man who was a teacher at a middle school in Omaha as well as a softball coach found himself facing multiple sex crime charges. He was charged with child sexual assault. It is not known if the charges involved a person who had been a student at the school or a player on a team that he coached or someone else.

Man remains in jail, forensic testing continues

News stories recounting criminal raids or arrests can certainly paint a bleak picture for defendants in Nebraska. However, is is important for people facing these charges to remember that the media is all about trying to get ratings and views so they produce content that may entice this result. That means some stories do not include all of the facts known in a case as that might change the perception of the reader to be less enticing.

One man from Lincoln today will want to keep that in mind if he happens to get wind of any stories about his recent arrest. The man is currently in jail facing multiple charges including some for possession of cocaine, a destructive device and drug money. Other charges allege he delivered or tried to deliver both pot and MDMA. Forensic testing is said to be underway and depending upon the results of that testing, the defendant may end up being charged with additional offenses.

Good Time Law may see man's time in prison reduced

Nebraska residents who find themselves facing criminal charges including illegal drugs or controlled substances no doubt end up with many questions about how the judicial and criminal justice system actually works. Many reports give details about how plea bargains may adjust a final charge or set of penalties and how defendants may often be allowed to get out of prison or jail before their full sentences have been served. How these things happen are among the items that newly arrested defendants will want to learn.

An example of this type of situation can be seen in the case of a man who was arrested a week or two before Christmas last year. Reports suggest that the man was pulled over during a traffic stop yet it did not necessarily seem like a standard traffic stop as it was said to involve not only authorities from a local sherrif's office but also from a special task force for drugs. The man was found to be driving on a revoked license and ultimately found to be in possession of two different substances.

Police body cameras in Nebraska

If you have been arrested for suspected involvement in a crime in Nebraska, you may have been aware that the officers were wearing cameras during the arrest process. It is important for you to have an understanding of how the state approaches the use of these police body cameras and the footage that they capture.

The Urban Institute indicates that in Nebraska, no audio recording of anything you say is allowed without your knowledge. Similarly, there is a stipulation that law enforcement officials should not record anything in situations where there would exist a reasonable expectation of privacy. In fact, personal privacy is one of the factors that has been identified as an area to focus on in a proposed study on the use of these cameras.

Douglas County jury convicts man of sex trafficking

Nebraska residents who are accused of serious crimes, including those allegedly involving people under the age of 18, must always try to remember that they have rights in the criminal defense process as well. Even if a person is convicted of a crime, there remains the possibility of appealing a decision, for example. Every criminal case is unique and this fact is another thing that makes it important to assume that every arrest leads to the same result.

One man who was recently convicted of sex trafficking charges wil need to be consciously aware of his options moving forward. The case was heard in a court in Douglas County and is said to be one of the first sex trafficking cases in that area. The defendant is a man who is 45 years old and is said to have essentially forced a woman who was 21 and a girl who was 15 into prostitution.

Judge admits mistake during trial

Nebraska residents who are charged with criminal offenses and who must go through trials should be able to trust that they will be treated fairly and all procedures will be properly followed. This should be part and parcel of knowing that a person is always due a fair defense and assumed innocent until proven guilty.

One man in Nebraska recently experienced a full criminal trial for multiple charges involving drugs. However, some may question whether or not he was actually given the due process that he deserves. in fact, the defense team has already lobbied for a new trial in light of the fact that the judge made an error during the original trial. In fact, the judge is reported to have even admitted that he made a mistake during the trial. 

Can you get a job with a criminal record?

If you are one of the many people in Nebraska who has ever been arrested or even convicted of a crime, you understandably may be concerned about your chances of getting a job or a new job if you have one now. While a criminal record may hinder a job search in some situations, it does not always have to. explains that one thing to keep in mind is the nature of your criminal offense or history. For example, if you are now 35 years old and you were arrested for property damage as part of a prank while in high school but you have had no other offenses since then, your record may not be an issue. However, if you were convicted two years ago for theft of property on residential property and you are applying for a job as a domestic assistant, you may need to reconsider your options.

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  • Defendant was charged with sexual assault of a minor. At the deposition of the alleged victim, our firm got the alleged victim to confess that she made the whole thing up. Charges were dropped against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with possessing a large quantity of marijuana. Following a complete investigation by our firm, the State agreed to dismiss all charges against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with embezzling more than $300,000.00, from a previous employer. At the deposition of the alleged victim, our firm highlighted a number of inconsistencies and questionable statements. The State agreed to dismiss all charges against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with child abuse resulting in death. Following the investigation of our firm, depositions of key witnesses and presentation of our findings to the prosecutor, the State agreed to dismiss the charges against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. The matter proceeded to trial and the jury found our client Not Guilty.

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