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Can everyday foods trigger an IID to fail?

Can everyday foods trigger an IID to fail?

People who have been arrested for suspected drunk driving in Nebraska will want to learn what types of penalties they may face if they are convicted in the end. One of the penalties can be the required installation and use in a vehicle of a special device that controls the vehicle’s ignition. This penalty may commonly be ordered in exchange for giving defendants the right to drive. Lack of using an ignition interlock device may result in a person being unable to drive for some period of time.

IIDs work by requiring a driver to take a breath test every time a trip in a vehicle is desired. If the test is passed, the ignition may be started. If the test is not passed, the ignition remains locked. Defendants may think that all they need to do is avoid drinking alcoholic beverages in order to successfully pass these tests but that is not true. The fact is that many everyday foods can cause an IID to register a level of alcohol that may prevent an ignition from being unlocked.

LifeSafer, a company that manufactures IIDs, indicates that eating a simple cookie may pose this problem. This is because vanilla extract is roughly one-third alcohol. Fruit, pizza, breads and other foods that can ferment may also cause problems for drivers. Drivers forced to use IIDs allow time after eating before using the devices.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information to Nebraska residents about potential inaccuracies in ignition interlock devices after eating some types of foods.


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