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Is The Sex Offenders Registry As Accurate As It Could Be?

Is The Sex Offenders Registry As Accurate As It Could Be?

If a 19 year-old has had sex with a 15 year old, should that 19 year-old fall under the same category as people who are truly dangerous?

At least according to a husband and wife team of counselors, the answer is 'no.'

As recounted in the Grand Island Independent, a broad-based sex offender registry may result in unintended consequences. The social stigma associated with the sex offender registry may be too harsh for some people.

For instance, those who committed a sex offense in their youth and are now rehabilitated suffer the same stigma as those sex offenders who remain dangerous. Finding a place to live and to work is almost impossible for them.

According to the husband and wife team, a more accurate and helpful system could be built by involving top-notch mental health practitioners in the evaluation process. Such an approach could balance out a process that can sometimes be "a little overzealous," according to one sheriff interviewed.

A refined sex offense registry would also enable people to better predict a relationship between inclusion on the sex offense registry and the likelihood of someone again committing a sex offense. As it stands now, it is of more identification value to recall that sex offenses often occur between the victim and someone the victim knows, and that sex offenders often use similar identifiable approaches to "grooming" their victims.

If you or someone you love is facing charges related to a sex offense, it is imperative you find a criminal defense lawyer who understands this system and how to protect your rights.


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