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The Long-Term Effects of a Criminal Record

The Long-Term Effects of a Criminal Record

Nebraska residents who have been arrested for suspected criminal activity have many things about which to be concerned. There are short-term issues such as the potential costs involved to post bail, what charges you will face and how you can best defend yourself. In addition to these items, you should not overlook the long-term consequences that may be connected to a criminal record.

As Time Magazine reports, many defendants can inadvertently experience negative lifelong effects from having a misdemeanor conviction without even realizing it. This may be particularly likely for people originally charged with felonies. While the idea of accepting a misdemeanor conviction seems good because it may avoid the need to spend time in jail, it can still haunt a person for years to come.

Background checks are more or less standardly done by employers now before finalizing a hiring decision. The same is true of landlords and leasing agents before agreeing to rent to a new tenant. When a criminal conviction, even a misdemeanor, shows up on these checks people may be denied jobs and housing. Even loans and the ability to serve in the armed forces may not be available to those who have previously been convicted of misdemeanor offenses.

Misdemeanor charges can involve a lot of things such as drug possession or driving without a valid license. Either way, they can cause serious problems for defendants and understanding this up front is important. This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information about the potential long-term impact of a criminal record for residents in Nebraska.


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