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How Can I Find a Job After Prison?

How Can I Find a Job After Prison?

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense in Nebraska and were ordered to spend some time in a jail or a prison, one concern you may have is about how you will ever find a job again once your sentence has been served. Certainly it can be challenging to get a job with a criminal record but it need not be impossible. With a plan and the right help, you may be able to get yourself on a good path of employment and a more positive future.

As the Prison Fellowship explains, there are programs available that focus on helping former inmates seek employment. One thing you might want to make a priority is to find a good mentor or someone to advocate for you. Ideally this would be someone who is familiar with the programs and processes involved in finding jobs for people who have criminal pasts. You might find such a person via a church or other religious organization. Some community agencies are also focused on this effort and may be good starting places for you.

In your process, you will want to ask questions about what types of industries or jobs are more amenable to hiring former inmates and how you may learn the skills necessary to apply for jobs in those areas. 

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give Nebraska residents who have criminal records some ideas on how they may begin to rebuild their lives and find jobs once they have been released from jail or prison.


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