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Can You Get in Trouble for Having a Pipe in Your Car?

Can You Get in Trouble for Having a Pipe in Your Car?

Nebraskan residents know that certain substances are illegal to possess. But did you know that you can even get in trouble if drug-related paraphernalia is found on your person or in your vehicle, even if you have no drugs?

FindLaw shows that a person convicted of drug paraphernalia charges can still face some pretty serious consequences, even if no drugs are found. Though the penalties differ from state to state, you could find yourself facing time in jail and hefty fines.

What constitutes as drug paraphernalia, anyway? In short, it's anything that can be used for or with drugs. Under federal law, this includes:

  • Roach clips
  • Miniature spoons
  • Cocaine kits
  • Bongs and water pipes
  • Glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, or stone pipes

So if you're pulled over and a police officer has a reason to search your vehicle, you can in fact get in trouble if you have a pipe in your car. You can still get in trouble even if it's not your pipe, or if you don't have any illicit substances with you.

Some states even include other items in their paraphernalia statutes, which can include things like plastic bags or balloons, balances or scales, and purity testing equipment. As with the above mentioned items, none of these things need to be found with illegal substances to result in a drug paraphernalia charge.

If you have been caught with drug paraphernalia on your person, you may have a hard legal battle ahead of you. It might benefit you to contact an experienced drug defense attorney who can help you fight off these charges and avoid the serious penalties.


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