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What Are Plausible Defenses for Drug Possession?

What Are Plausible Defenses for Drug Possession?

As a resident of Nebraska currently facing charges of drug possession, you could end up facing severe consequences if convicted. However, there are multiple ways that you can prove a drug possession charge should be dropped.

Findlaw lists a number of different drug possession defenses that have been used to help people facing the same charges you're up against today. Some of them include the way the drugs were found. For example, drugs may have been planted on your person or in your car in order to frame you, or so someone else could get away with the crime. In other cases, the search and seizure that allowed for law enforcement to find the drugs may have been unlawful.

The drugs themselves can also be called into question. You should always have the drugs sent to a crime lab for analysis and testing. Though an officer may see something and initially believe it to be an illegal drug, that might not be the case. Crime labs will be able to reveal whether or not the substance is what law enforcement claims it to be.

Keep the evidence in mind, too. In some cases, drugs that have been collected as evidence can go missing while in possession of the authorities. This is because evidence frequently moves around in the course of an investigation and can sometimes get lost.

There are many ways to defend yourself if you're accused of possessing drugs. Consider contacting an experienced attorney to see what can be done for your case.


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