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It Takes a Village to Combat the Use of Drugs

It Takes a Village to Combat the Use of Drugs

Law enforcement in Columbus, Nebraska, have dealt with methamphetamine use and related crimes for a long time. The prevalence may go up and down but the cost to families which are torn apart from addiction is high.

Children of parents addicted to meth are often abused and neglected. When their parents are arrested for drug crimes, the family is torn apart. The children suffer again with the loss of their parents to the criminal justice system.

Profile of an addict

Officials say there is a consistent profile of those arrested for possession of meth and other drug related crimes. They come from broken homes. They did not get much encouragement or positive support growing up. Many did not have good role models, especially father figures.

Considering the children’s experience in homes devastated by meth, it is likely the cycle will repeat. During an arrest, the parents and caregivers are often ashamed. They may not be proud of their parenting but the addiction is controlling them.

The children are starved for attention. They want to play games with the arresting officers, are curious and talkative. A sad circumstance for everyone involved.

Community is key a component to the success of drug abatement programs

Law enforcement officials from different agencies have found more success working together as a team on these cases. The goal now is to get offenders into treatment and keep them there. Still, the treatment only works if the addicted person is willing to get help.

Other crimes like domestic violence, burglary and theft are prevalent among meth addicts. Task force members include probation officers, mental health counseling centers, and police.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a drug crime, it will be important to seek a criminal defense attorney who specializes in this area of the law. In addition, getting treatment to end the cycle of addiction can be another positive step.


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