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Are Drug Diversion Programs Successful?

Are Drug Diversion Programs Successful?

When you are arrested on charges involving drugs, conviction could mean facing severe penalties like jail time, large fines, and license suspension or revocation. However, in some cases, you may have the option of going for a drug diversion program instead.

Findlaw has a page defining deferred adjudication and pretrial diversion, in which someone will be given the option to take a rehabilitation program. Generally speaking, this choice is usually only offered to people during their first offense.

If you take this option, you will need to successfully complete the program in order for your charges to be deferred. The length and intensity of the program will differ from person to person, and may change depending on the severity of the charges you face. You could find yourself needing to attend them multiple days a week.

If your license is suspended during this time period, you may need to use public transportation. In some cases, you may be allowed the ability to drive in a limited capacity, such as for getting groceries, going to church, attending medical appointments, or going to your diversion program.

If this option is given to you during trial, you may want to discuss the possibilities with an attorney who is well-versed in criminal law. Facing any sort of drug charge can be a scary thing, and the potential consequences can be damaging to you in the short and long term. A drug diversion program could be a good way of getting your life back on track without facing those steep consequences.


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