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What Does a Routine Traffic Stop Entail?

What Does a Routine Traffic Stop Entail?

Nebraskan residents may have heard the term "routine traffic stop" before. Perhaps you have even experienced one yourself. But what should you really know and understand about these traffic stops and what they can mean for drivers like you?

FindLaw defines a routine traffic stop as any stop in which a police officer pulls you over for smaller violations. This can include speeding, running a red light, or not stopping properly at a stop or yield sign. It could even include issues that aren't related to your driving at all, such as having a broken taillight or expired stickers on your license plate.

Unfortunately, once you're stopped, it's possible that the police may be able to search your vehicle. They will do this if they have reasonable suspicion that they might find something, such as seeing evidence of drugs or alcohol out in the open. This can include open beer cans, pipes, and other items. They may ask to search your vehicle, and they will have the right to do so if you consent. Finally, in severe situations, it's possible for the officer to keep you in the back of their patrol vehicle and wait for another officer to arrive with a warrant. A search warrant will give them the full ability to search every part of your car.

Even if your car isn't searched, you could end up facing tickets with expensive fines, community service requirements, or even time in jail because of something relatively minor. If you're facing a ticket for a minor violation that you received during a routine traffic stop, you may benefit from talking to an attorney who can help you fight against the charges.


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