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Are Prescription Drug Crimes Treated Severely?

Are Prescription Drug Crimes Treated Severely?

The state of Nebraska has low tolerance for drug-related crime. This including crimes related to prescription medication. McGough Law P.C., L.L.O., is here to help if you have been accused of any wrongdoing related to prescription drugs.

Prescription drug crimes are actually on the rise in the Midwest lately. People who partake in these crimes will either steal the prescriptions of other individuals or "doctor shop" in order to get multiple prescriptions from different doctors. They then turn around and sell the drugs to others for a profit.

In addition to charges for distribution or selling, you can also be charged with the unlawful purchase or possession of these drugs. This means that you can face charges simply for having prescriptions in your possession that you cannot verify, even if they were prescribed through legitimate means and belong to you.

Some types of prescriptions frequently associated with prescription drug abuse include opioids like Vicodin, OxyContin, and Codeine. Other commonly seen medications are ones used to treat mental disorders and can include Xanax, Ritalin, and Adderall.

While you may think this is less dangerous than dealing with illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine, prescription drug crimes are treated just as seriously in court. You could face jail time, high fines, and even license suspension or revocation depending on what charges you face.

If you have been charged for crimes related to prescription drugs, consider taking a look at our web page, linked here. Contacting an attorney may also be to your benefit. You don't want these charges to ruin your life, so they best thing you can do is prepare to defend yourself against them.


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