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Can a First-Time Offender Be Charged with Felony DUI?
Can a First-Time Offender Be Charged with Felony DUI?

In the state of Nebraska, individuals with at least three DUI convictions in the past 22 years are charged with felony DUI for any following convictions. Previous convictions are a condition for automatic DUI charges, but other parameters can qualify a crime as a felony DUI, ...

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  • The Importance of Fighting a DUI Charge

    Nebraska residents facing a DUI charge may feel intimidated by the idea of fighting the case, particularly without the help of a skilled criminal ...

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  • When Can a Police Officer Legally Pull You over for DUI?

    Generally, the police cannot lawfully stop a vehicle unless the officer has reason to believe that the driver has committed a crime or a traffic ...

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  • Can I Refuse to Submit to Sobriety Tests If I'm Suspected of DUI?

    Being pulled over can ignite a moment of panic. The anxiety intensifies when the cop tells you that she suspects that you're under the influence - ...

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  • Future of DUI Case Uncertain

    Many people in Nebraska might think that the prosecution of an alleged drunk driver is pretty standard with little room for a person to defend ...

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  • The Basics on Interlock Ignition Devices in Nebraska

    One of the potential consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while intoxicated is the installation of an interlock ignition ...

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  • DUI Can Make for an Unlucky St. Patrick's Day

    Are you feeling lucky? With St. Patrick's Day here and gone once again, the imagery of leprechauns and pots of gold has Nebraskans feeling charmed - ...

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  • What This Year's Supreme Court Decision Could Mean for Nebraska DUI Arrests

    Nebraska is one of 12 states that make it a crime for someone pulled over for a DUI to refuse a breath or blood test. But a U.S. Supreme Court ruling ...

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  • Are Roadside Sobriety Tests Designed to Be Failed?

    At some point in everyone's educational life, there is a teacher who seems to derive great satisfaction from administering tests that almost no one ...

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  • Does Alcohol Testing Without a Search Warrant Violate Your Rights?

    The flashing lights reflecting in your rear-view mirror. The chirp of a siren. The police officer's slow walk to your car. Those seemingly small ...

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