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The Age of Consent in Nebraska
The Age of Consent in Nebraska

It seems that in the past several years, Nebraska residents have heard about a large number of situations in which young people are alleging that an older person inappropriately engaged in sexual activity with them or perhaps at least attempted to do so. Whether or not this ...

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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Media Pushes for Release of Information by State

    Regardless of any individual person's belief about the death penalty, voters in Nebraska have collectively allowed it to remain in effect. Along with ...

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  • 3 Ways You Might Inadvertently Commit a Gun Crime in Omaha

    In Nebraska, as well as most states in the Midwest, owning guns is a way of life. Like many citizens, you might want a handgun or rifle for hunting ...

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  • Young and in Love? Some Actions Can Have Severe Consequences

    Romeo and Juliet is a classic love story with the saddest of endings. Because of their feuding families, they were unable to fulfill their desire for ...

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  • Two Charges Levied on Man Said to Have Stolen Car

    When a person in Nebraska is placed under arrest for any type of crimes, officers are required to have sufficient evidence with which to support ...

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  • What Might Interfere with a Field Sobriety Test?

    If you have driven for any length of time in West Virginia or even in any other state you are likely aware that police officers might ask drivers to ...

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  • Report by Investigator's Wife Leads to Arrest and Charges

    Nebraska residents who are arrested for suspected drug crimes may find themselves in such a situation due to some unusual circumstances. These cases, ...

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  • How can a drug conviction hurt you?

    When you're charged with drug-related crimes, the severity of a potential conviction may take a while to sink in. Fortunately, you have Nebraska legal ...

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  • New Tech Gadget Lets Sheriff's Scan Vehicles for Drugs

    Residents in Nebraska who are ever stopped in cars by police or other law enforcement officers should always understand their rights when it comes to ...

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  • Relapse Sends Man Back to Prison

    While the President of the United States recently declared the country's opioid epidemic a public health emergency, many in Nebraska and other states ...

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