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Understanding Search and Seizure Laws
Understanding Search and Seizure Laws

If you are like most Nebraska residents, you have heard people talk about reasonable search and seizure. You have probably seen such references in movies or television shows in which people allege a search warrant is needed for certain things. But, just what are the laws ...

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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Shifts Noticed in Nebraska Residents' Support for Death Penalty

    In the recent general election, Nebraska residents had the opportunity to cast their votes for or against the reinstatement of the death penalty in ...

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  • Should We Be Suspicious About Predictive Policing?

    The future of policing is now. It's not Robocop or drone surveillance but it is run by computers. New software called PredPol (for "predictive ...

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  • Man to Serve 30- Versus Requested 57-Month Sentence

    When facing allegations of drug crimes, Nebraska residents can understandably be concerned about what the future holds for them. The criminal defense ...

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  • What This Year's Supreme Court Decision Could Mean for Nebraska DUI Arrests

    Nebraska is one of 12 states that make it a crime for someone pulled over for a DUI to refuse a breath or blood test. But a U.S. Supreme Court ruling ...

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  • Nebraska Works to Reduce Turnaround Time at Crime Lab

    People arrested for and charged with drug offenses in Nebraska look to the defense process to give them a chance to avoid convictions or minimize ...

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  • Use of Ignition Interlock Devices in Nebraska

    Among the many consequences that Nebraska residents convicted of impaired driving may face is the required installation and use of an ignition ...

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  • Job Searching with a Felony Record

    There may well be more people in Nebraska with criminal records than many might ever believe. It is not possible to look at someone and know whether ...

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  • Nebraskans to Decide Fate of Death Penalty in Election

    Nebraska residents share their anticipation for the soon-to-be 2016 elections with residents in the other 49 states and the District of Columbia. ...

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  • Six Reasons Why Criminal Cases Can Take so Long

    Criminal defense cases for DUIs, assault, drugs, and other charges can take much longer than most defendants ever expect. While some criminal trials ...

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