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New Criminal Risks Created by Video Game

New Criminal Risks Created by Video Game

Many Nebraska residents find video games to be a great way to unwind and just have fun. They can also be a good way to stay in touch with friends as several games include interactive communication features. Even when different people just happen to be playing the same game, it can give them something in common and something to talk about together.

A recently released video game does all of this and more. Sadly, part of what is fast becoming associated with this game is a dark reality that the virtual reality side of the game likely never intended to be. In their quest to seek out a specific game character, players may find themselves inĀ vulnerable situations. Designed to bring the outside world into the game, it has people looking at their phones rather than their surroundings.

When distracted, some people have reportedly been assaulted. Allegations that many are using the game's inherent distractions as an opportunity to engage in criminal activity are springing up left and right. Some authorities are even issuing tips on how to play the game safely. One of these tips is to always be with someone else.

Whether or not a single video game can actually cause a string of crimes to be commited is just one question that has arisen. Another question is what people accused of such crimes should do. Talking with an attorney if accused of a crime might be one good course of action as it may help understand defense options.


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