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Seven Charges Reduced to Two in Plea Bargain

Seven Charges Reduced to Two in Plea Bargain

Quite often, Nebraska residents may well do better to not read reports about criminal activity. With few details given, the reality of cases may be very skewed and give the wrong impression. However, some of the time, it may serve defendants well to read such reports as it can confirm for them that all is not lost as soon as they are charged with a laundry list of misdemeanor or felony offenses.

A recent report about a case involving a 26-year-old defendant from Oberlin offers a great example of this. After being stopped by the Nebraska State Patrol along Highway 83, the woman was eventually charged with two felonies, four misdemeanors and one infraction. In the end, she was convicted of two misdemeanor offenses thanks to a plea bargain.

The two felony charges were for possession of methamphetamine and heroin. The heroin charge was dropped altogether and the meth charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. Three misdemeanors for driving without insurance, having false license plates and not being able to prove vehicle ownership were also dropped as was the infraction for drug paraphernalia possession. The woman was convicted of the misdemeanor for driving on a suspended license. The sentence for her convictions is not known at this time.

Clearly this case indicates that a defense can make a big difference in the outcome of a criminal case. Talking with an attorney may help to give defendants an understanding of their options when facing serious criminal charges.

Source: McCook Gazette, "Plea reached in heroin, meth case," Oct. 7, 2016


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