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January 2017 Archives

67-year-old man arrested on drug charges

It is not uncommon for people in Nebraska to hold stereotypes in their minds about people who may be involved with illegal drugs. However, these stereotypes are often incorrect. For example, it may be thought that a person using or maybe even selling methamphetamine is likely very young. While certainly some meth users are young, that is not at all inclusive of all people who may ultimately be charged with meth-related crimes.

Some defendants will have records automatically sealed

With 2017 well underway now, Nebraska residents will want to be sure they understand some of the new laws that have been put into effect in their state. One new law in particular may well prove to be very beneficial to people who are arrested and charged with crimes but who are never convicted of those crimes. In fact, it may just help these defendants have a better chance of putting their lives back together after an arrest and moving forward in positive ways.

Navigating a Legal Case Involving Assault and Battery

Criminal cases involving assault and battery are some of the most common criminal cases in the legal system. Partially due to the fact that assault and battery cases are frequent occurrences, in some areas of the country political pressure is mounting to crack down on people convicted of assault and battery charges.

Two women pardoned for drug crimes

Many Nebraska residents might feel that an arrest for a drug crime is the end of their lives. While it can greatly complicate life, there are options for defendants to get their lives back on track even if they are convicted and must spend time in jail or prison. For two people in Nebraska, the recent actions of the outgoing United States President have given them a huge boost in their efforts to move forward with their lives in positive manners.

Nebraska gun owners get clarification on transporting guns

Despite being given to all Americans by the U.S. Constitution, the right to own a gun can sometimes seem under siege. Gun owners in Nebraska have good reason to be concerned about this very basic liberty especially in light of a recent ruling by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Low income defendants face a tough road in Nebraska

Nebraska residents who are arrested and charged with criminal offenses can face a wide range of challenges. Among these challenges may just well be the fear of going to jail for no reason other than the fact that they are unable to pay the required fine or fee associated with their criminal charge. The Nebraska branch of the American Civil Liberties Union has recently released a report about this very issue.

Pot possession penalties in Nebraska

While many states around the nation and the District of Columbia have legalized the of recreational marijuana, Nebraska has not. The Marijuana Policy Project even explains that attempts to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in Nebraska have failed in the past two years.

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Success Stories

  • Defendant was charged with sexual assault of a minor. At the deposition of the alleged victim, our firm got the alleged victim to confess that she made the whole thing up. Charges were dropped against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with possessing a large quantity of marijuana. Following a complete investigation by our firm, the State agreed to dismiss all charges against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with embezzling more than $300,000.00, from a previous employer. At the deposition of the alleged victim, our firm highlighted a number of inconsistencies and questionable statements. The State agreed to dismiss all charges against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with child abuse resulting in death. Following the investigation of our firm, depositions of key witnesses and presentation of our findings to the prosecutor, the State agreed to dismiss the charges against our client.
  • Defendant was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. The matter proceeded to trial and the jury found our client Not Guilty.

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