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Understanding Criminal Terminology

Understanding Criminal Terminology

If you have been arrested for any type of offense in Nebraska, one of the things you may want to understand better are some of the terms used and exactly what they mean. Legal and criminal jargon can often be confusing for some people to understand, especially if you have never dealt with law enforcement or with the criminal justice system before.

The Nebraska Leglislature outlines many of the terms that you may hear during the arrest process as well as during your ensuing defense process. Knowing these can help you along the way. One term you may need to know is what the state considered deadly force. This is used to describe an action that is done with the alleged intention of causing death. In addition, deadly force requires that the action taken has a natural and probable result of death. The final criteria for this term is that death actually occurs.

Along the same lines, the term deadly weapon is used to describe any item that has the normal capability of killing another person or of seriously injuring another person. This might include a firearm, a knife or something else. An act that may be called a crime can include a physical movement, the physical possession of something or even a verbal statement.

If you would like to learn more about some of the terms used in the criminal defense process and how they may pertain to charges against you, please feel free to visit the crime charges page of our Nebraska criminal defense website.


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