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Many Acquitted of Felony Assault Charge

Many Acquitted of Felony Assault Charge

Nebraska residents who find themselves facing serious criminal offenses may be unsure of what to do and where to turn. One of the first things people in this situation must do is try to remember that they are guaranteed a defense by law. The right to defend oneself against criminal allegations is a very basic one and offers an opportunity for people to clear themselves of what may otherwise be very serious charges and related penalties.

Such has been the case for a man who was a police officer in Kearny since an incident that occurred in the summer of 2016. While on duty, the officer pulled a man in a car over. After the man got out of his car he was instructed to get back inside it by the officer. Instead of simply getting back in the car and sitting as he was asked to do, the man started the ignition, backed up the vehicle and began to drive off. The vehicle came into contact with the officer in the process.

After instructing the driver to stop yet not having his instructions heeded, the officer fired three shots toward the driver. One shot hit the man and injured him. He is said to have recovered but the officer was charged with felony assault for the firing of his weapon. A jury recently spent three hours deliberating after hearing testimony and returned a not guilty verdict.

Stories like this illustrate the power of the defense process. Anyone who is charged with a felony in Nebraska might be able to learn about a defense option by talking with a lawyer.

Source: Lincoln Journal Star, " Jury finds police officer not guilty in shooting trial," Loir Pilger, April 6, 2017


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